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Beauty Queens Get Trophy Wives Of Drug Cartel Heads In Latin America

As soon as we think about trophy spouses we instantly see an image of an abundant old white guy with an attractive young girl on their supply. Not in Latin America.

Trophy spouses accept a meaning that is completely different. In Mexico and Colombia, beauty queens are now actually the trophy spouse of preference for the dons associated with drug that is competing. In certain of the most extremely violent elements of the Americas, beauty queens are becoming the prize that is ultimate medication traffickers. The training were only available in Colombia within the 1970s. Martha Lucia Echeverry, skip Colombia 1974, had been the mistress of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, the top of this violent Cali cartel. Echeverry is considered the very first understood ‘narco girl. ’

This tradition has proceeded in Colombia and much more recently in Mexico, an important center for transshipment of cocaine towards the united states of america and Europe. Maria Susana “Suzy” Flores, the Sinaloa that is 20-year-old beauty queen who had been savagely murdered final November in a weapon battle, additionally succumbed towards the siren call of cash and luxury whenever she chose to date “El Cholo, ” Orso Ivan Gastelum Avila, a feared struck man whom struggled to obtain the Sinaloa cartel. In Suzy’s case, nevertheless, it had been not money that drove her to the liaison that is dangerous. She originated from a grouped family members with so-called ties towards the medication company which had really groomed her for the next as a beauty queen.

As evidenced by Suzy Flores, Sinaloa is not just a highlighted money of this medication wars. It’s also the reproduction ground for Mexican beauty queens. The skip Mexico name happens to be won seven times by the leggy femmes of this state. So that as one Mexican scholastic, Nery Cordova, commented in a novel on narco-culture in Sinaloa, “Do you desire beauty queens who aren’t active in the state’s dominant industry?

The lure of riches far outweighs the risks associated with hooking up with legendary narco-killers for many others who come from more economically humble pedigrees than flores.

The tragedy of narco beauty queens in Latin America

Start thinking about Colombian top model Sandra Munoz. She began poor and homeless, but as a young adult possessed a relationship with Bogota cartel’s leader Luis Reynaldo Murcia, aka Dr. Martel. While Murcia financed her early profession, it absolutely was her relationship with Nelson Julian Cabrera that actually helped catapult the blond beauty to popularity. Nevertheless when Cabrera and their cousin were assassinated in 1999, Munoz ended up being kept having a child that is young. However, her striking figure pushed her back in modeling, going her ahead in popularity and fortune, in no tiny component due to her torrid relationships with narcos.

Ladies who spend time with drug lords frequently meet a fate that is tragic an earlier death either by gunfire in violent shoot-outs linked to territorial gang wars, or by soldiers used to battle narco-trafficking. A majority of these wives that are trophy girlfriends are utilized as individual shields to safeguard their trafficker beaus once the authorities on soldiers come after them.

That is Flores’ regrettable tale in Sinaloa. It was heard time and time again in Colombia aswell.

Lilian Lozano, a beauty model and queen, ended up being murdered last year in a mafia vendetta against her boyfriend, Fabio Vargas, the cousin of Valle del Cauca narco Leonidas Vargas. No body is actually safe.

Narco beauty queens may also be taking part in individual trafficking and cocaine transshipment. In Colombia, with over a thousand various beauty tournaments, the majority of these have already been infiltrated by the medication cartels, relating to a present press report.

Being among the most notorious was Maribel Gutierrez Tinoco, the 1990 skip Colombia. Her boyfriend, Jairo “El Mico” Duran, north coast cartel member, boasted buying her the name being a birthday present. She proceeded to compete when you look at the Miss Universe competition, but never ever won that name. Whenever Tinoco provided up her skip Colombia name to marry Duran, he’d the Cathedral of Baranquilla air-conditioned so their wedding visitors will never endure the warmth. He had been killed in a shoot-out in 1992 and Tinoco retreated from public life. She lives in Miami, with her physician husband and two daughters today. She actually is one of the ones that are lucky managed to reinvent her life. Much less numerous were as lucky.

Natalie Ackermann, skip Atlantico 2000 (created in Colombia but representing Germany when you look at the Miss Universe pageant), had better “luck. ” Her boyfriend, Wilber Varela, aka Jabon, helped her develop into a Miss Universe contestant in 2006.

Finally, Sandra Murcia, called skip Coca, was hitched to Valle Cartel boss, Efrain Hernandez. The stunning model traveled to Paris pretending to be always a Miss Universe competitor so that you can rub shoulders with influential Europeans who may help her husband’s cocaine business in European countries.

Beauty colombianbrides.net best colombian brides queens are among the list of collateral exports that come with all the cocaine trade. Colombian and Venezuelan competition winners are increasingly being “imported” to Mexico to act as novias, or girlfriends, for narcos and medication dealers.

In accordance with reports, Juliana Sossa, the champion for the 2008 Colombian beauty pageant, was a target of the trade whenever she had been connected with Jorge Balderas Garza, aka “El JJ, ” a drug gang frontrunner. However in Sossa’s case, her own use of Facebook is exactly just what led Mexican authorities to her arrest along with her medication lord boyfriend. Garza, it turned out, has also been accused of this tried murder Paraguayan soccer celebrity Salvador Cabanas, who was simply shot into the mind in Mexico City in 2010 january.

Some of those beauties who’re hitched towards the mob actually help other criminal tasks. Angie Sanclemente, Colombia’s skip Coffee 2000, ended up being hitched to drug that is mexican, “El Monstruo. ” She was arrested in Argentina where she handled an individual trafficking arrangement that ferried young ladies who served as drug mules to deliver cocaine to Europe via Mexico. At her test in Buenos Aires she denied recruiting mules, alleging that her only “sin” was in fact to possess dropped in deep love with the wrong man.

In a global where 35 % of all of the ladies encounter some type of physical physical violence against them in their lifetime, based on a report that is recent the planet wellness Organization, why would gorgeous ladies — winners of nationwide beauty pageants — be willing victims of these boyfriends and fans?

Exactly exactly What distinguishes these ladies off their victims of violence is the fact that they tend to be cut down not by their lovers but by other gangs that are competing or by the police.

Women who make it possible for traffickers to work can not be considered naive. Beyond the glamour and also the cash, stunning ladies who willingly search for relationships with medication lords in many cases are attention that is seeking. Their relationship with well-known crooks lifts them beyond modest beginnings to being prepared trophies for a few of the very most violent guys on earth.

These women can be not at all times victims. They truly are perpetrators of crimes such as kidnapping, torture and also murder. However their names, in countries like Colombia or Mexico, get to be the topic of day-to-day discussion; their violent fatalities or criminal tasks rising into the standard of folklore. These beauty queens are perfect foils because of their significant others. The immediate concrete gains such as for instance a life of luxury and quick money tend to be miscalculations into the run that is long. Most of the time, a beauty queen whom chooses to stay with a narco-trafficker can expect an uncertain future — or higher likely, a reduced lifespan.

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